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101082621 — EMINReM — ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE / Grant Agreement - DOWNLOAD

The Project "Master Program in Eco-Mining Engineering and Innovative Natural Resourses Management (EMINReM)" Wider Objective is to raise efficiency and ecological sustainability of mining works realization through the Partner-HEIs collaboration for training of new-generation-experts within environmental, economic and management attainments in the field of natural resources extraction and processing. It is aimed at development of the future experts` interdisciplinary openness, capability of understanding technological issues in a systematic and in-depth way, using the tools of modelling and evaluation of potential environmental risks, mitigating them in our fast developing world. MP in EMINReM will be created in response to the current challenges of sustainable development and market needs.

The Project supports transfer of the most recent knowledge and good practices developed at the Programme countries (EUMS/APC) - DE, ES & TR, in the field of Sustainable Eco-Mining Engineering, to other countries not associated to the Erasmus+ Programme (NAPC) - UA, KZ and UZ, considering all challenges that are required by modern EU and national technological, economic and environmental standards and trends (e.g. European Green Deal, Industry 4.0, etc.). It is foreseen to develop the EU-based MP focused on the integration of the best EU practices and approaches in the field of EMINReM and introduce them in the NAPC HEIs; to develop Teaching Materials for EMINReM MP; to establish EMINReM LABs for students at 7 NAPC HEI; to launch Joint Virtual e-Learning Platform; to provide EMINReM students pilot and Experts' advanced trainings. Targets Groups: Potential HEI Entrants, Students, Teachers & Staff, Industry & NGO Representatives, State Authorities, Employers, Alumni.

Project duration
36 months (03.2023-02.2026)
Grant from the EU:
713.174,00 EUR
Targets Groups:
  1. Potential HEI Entrants,
  2. Students,
  3. Teachers & Staff,
  4. Industry & NGO Representatives,
  5. State Authorities,
  6. Employers,
  7. Alumni.
14 Modules (90 ECTS in total) for Mining students:
  1. Mineral Resources Exploration and Assessment
  2. Resources Modeling and Evaluation
  3. Clean Technologies for Open-pit Mining
  4. Rational Use of Mineral Resources
  5. Introduction to the Circular Economy, Economics and Management of Natural Resources
  6. Problems and Innovations in the Process Chain of Mineral Resources
  7. Advanced Mineral Processing for Eco-Mining
  8. Environmental Assessment and Inventory Techniques for Mining Industry
  9. Prevention of the water resources contamination in the extraction of natural stone and ore
  10. Industrial Waste Management, Resource Recovery and Recycling Technologies
  11. Creativity, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  12. Sustainable Business and Project Management
  13. Gamification in Eco-Mining
  14. Implementation of Risk Assessment Methods for Occupational Health and Safety

Modern learning environment development mainly aimed at the NAPC HEIs’ infrastructure improvement and increasing professionalism of the NAPC HEIs’ teachers. Virtual e-Learning Platform and EMINReM Expert's Advanced Training (EAT) Course for external experts.

101082621 — EMINReM — ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE